Buy beautiful easter crafts and do good with it

The catholic women’s association of steinberg invites on sunday, 31. March, at 14 o’clock to the easter bazaar for a good cause in the club room of the kronachtalhalle. Many hours of work and hard work were needed in the last few weeks to offer the hopefully numerous guests a wide range of spring and easter decorations and gift ideas. The dedicated ladies made handicrafts such as various easter wreaths and flower arrangements, turk wreaths in the form of easter bunnies made of boxwood, willow bouquets, etc. Handcrafted in time. All sales articles are offered particularly favorably.

After the shopping, all visitors are invited to a cosy get-together with a good cup of coffee to get in the mood for easter and welcome the spring. A rich buffet with homemade cakes left nothing to be desired.

The proceeds of the easter bazaar once again go to charity. During its more than 50 years of existence, the charitable community has already been active in many ways for its hometown and beyond. The current use will be decided according to urgency and need. The women’s association of steinberg invites the entire population and looks forward to a pleasant time together.

Involved in charitable activities

The catholic women’s association of steinberg was founded on 25 june 2009. May 1968 launched by 34 dedicated ladies. The club enjoys great esteem far beyond the county borders. The basis for its responsible work in religious as well as cultural matters is the deep christian faith and the firmly anchored trust in god.

In addition to organizing church services and devotions and participating in church festivals throughout the year, the members of the association are particularly involved in charitable work for their fellow human beings, especially in their hometown. But the women’s federation is also committed to causes and causes worldwide, for example by providing financial support for victims of disasters..

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