Buchbrunn shows how it’s done: it’s also possible without trade tax money

Buchbrunn shows how it's done: it's also possible without trade tax money

While chambers of commerce in the town halls are complaining about falling business tax revenues, mayor hermann queck cannot complain in buchbrunn. The reason: the municipality has hardly any business tax revenue to report. At the same time, the municipality has planned some noteworthy major investments, some of which have already begun to be implemented.

A burger house is being built in the center of the village, right next to the town hall. A community-owned building from the 19. Century is herefor auendig rebuilt and extended by annexes. The challenge for architect martin zeltner and contractor thomas koch (ochsenfurt) was to remove walls and replace ceilings in the old building, which was partly built as a half-timbered structure, to create space for a community hall with 70 seats. A smaller hall can accommodate 20 people. Contrary to the original plan, a staircase to the five rented apartments on the upper floors will not be built.

The front elevation with the distinctive door will remain, but the main entrance will be relocated to the rear area. In addition to two handicapped-accessible parking spaces, six additional parking spaces will be built there. The plans provide for completion in mid-2021 and allow the preservation of the rough chestnut tree. The office for rural development (ALE) claims the construction costs of 900,000 euros at 500,000 euros.

Parking spaces in front of the store remain

With the redesign of the square in front of the village store kummrei another tree removal in the village has already begun. By the end of the year, the square is to be equipped with two opposing access points for buses with barrier-free boarding facilities, so that buses can also meet each other. With intensive landscaping and seating areas, the character of the square, including the area by the scales, is to be preserved, but made more appealing. The parking spaces in front of the store will remain, as well as the loading facilities for bicycles, which can be expanded to include charging stations for motor vehicles. However, the access road will be narrower. The costs of 460 000 euro are claimed with 200 000 euro from village renewal funds.

Also the construction work for a redesign of the southern entrance to the village has already begun. In favor of two mini-pitches for football and basketball, the hard court will be eliminated, and 26 parking spaces will be created. Between the kitzinger strabe and the existing bike path along the sports field, an 80-centimeter-wide planted strip of grass will be created by mid-2021, while maintaining the 2.25-meter-wide bike path. The cost of 345 000 euro is requested with 127 000 euro.

The renovation of the middle school will only begin next year. An inspection of the fire protection system showed that it no longer met today’s requirements. The cost of 460 000 euro is requested with 330 000 euro from the municipal investment program school.

Day care: investor will present project

Another rough construction site is taking shape in kitzinger strabe when the former "frankentraubl" restaurant is renovated in the coming weeks will be demolished and after a planned construction period of 18 months a day care center with apartments will be built. Since the three-part building not only has to be built, but also operated, it took some time to find an operator, especially for the day care, says queck. As soon as it is possible again, he would like to present the project in a castle meeting. Then the investor can also report on the cost and subsidy situation.

In summary, mayor queck states that all construction projects are financed by the municipality and are on a firm footing. Since buchbrunn hardly collects any business taxes, nothing can be lost – a stroke of luck in this situation, as queck points out. The existing reserves were sufficient to finance the work.

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