Berger and froboess together again in front of the camera

Berger and froboess together again in front of the camera

With a new film project, ARD is bringing two old stars of german TV back together in front of the camera after a long time: senta berger (72) and cornelia froboess (69) have been filming together in munich since tuesday for a strip with the working title "freundinnen" (girlfriends), as the station has now announced. The last time the two of them were seen together in a film was allegedly more than 50 years ago. In 1961 they filmed together "young people need love" – back then almost as teenagers.

It had recently become somewhat quieter around cornelia froboess. Most recently she was in the film "ostwind" to see – here it is available on DVD

The new ARD film will reportedly revolve around the difficult relationship between the cool dentist almuth seegers – played by berger – and her warm-hearted cleaning lady rita, who represents froboess. The working title of the film at least suggests that, despite all the friction, there could be a happy ending in the end.

Filming in munich and the surrounding area is expected to last until early september. The film will probably be shown in the course of the next year, as it was called.

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