Being there in difficult times

Being there in difficult times

The christian palliative and hospice service of caritas is pleased about strengthening. Nine women went in search of meaning from march to november under professional guidance. They came to terms with their lives to date and learned the importance of appreciative communication in their dealings with other people. They made themselves aware that there are also psychological and social pains that can be alleviated well without medication. They visited the palliative care unit at the bamberg hospital, dealt with burial and mourning, examined what spirituality means for each individual, and practiced special oral care and basal stimulation. All this was then deepened by an internship at the caritas social stations or a care facility.

But also the hospice caregivers who are already on duty, as well as nurses from the caritas social stations, received further training in hospice care. The director of the hospice academy for social services in nurnberg, martin alsheimer, challenged the course participants with a super acting performance as a seriously ill, condemned person with suicidal thoughts, in order to accompany people in crisis, to be able to shape transitions.

The participants also had a hard time with the mental self-experience of being a doomed mother of small children. Mart5in alsheimer gave guidance and help over and over again and conveyed how important empathic communication is. The point is to give plenty of time to respond to the other person, to confirm, to ask questions, or to be able to leave words alone for a moment. Conclusion: "it is good that i am there.".

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