Bavarian state forestry operation in bad bruckenau: 387 wild boars killed in pressure hunts

bavarian state forestry operation in bad bruckenau: 387 wild boars killed in pressure hunts

Already in the hunt year 2017 one obtained 372 wild boars in the pressure hunt season, it heibt in a press release of the bayerischen staatsforsten.

African swine fever

According to the friedrich loffler institute (FLI), the federal research institute for animal health, african swine fever (ASF) is a viral disease of domestic and wild pigs, but is not dangerous to humans. The ASF originates from the sahara and sardinia and found its way to eastern europe through georgia and the caucasus. In germany, however, no traps have yet been reported.

While ticks are blamed for transmission in the mediterranean region, they play a minor role in the northern latitudes here. However, the main vector of the disease is the human being, since the virus, which is not dangerous for humans, can be transmitted via food waste. For example, a carelessly discarded sausage sandwich with infected pork can potentially become a problem for the omnivorous wild boar. This theory is held responsible for central europe’s so far only ASP case in belgium.

Transmission to domestic pigs

After an incubation period of about four days, the disease breaks out and usually leads to the death of the animal within a week. Within this period, transmission to conspecifics, but also to domestic pig populations of local fattening farms is possible.

Since there is still no vaccine against african swine fever, the only way to combat the disease is the emergency slaughter and disposal of affected animals.Currently, due to the lack of a vaccine, the only way of prevention, apart from avoiding the spread of the disease by humans, is to keep wild boar populations low. Like other operations of the bavarian state forestry service, the bad bruckenau operation provides important preventive measures for the benefit of local pig farmers, it concludes.

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