At the sautrograss race in ebing, everyone goes swimming

At the sautrograss race in ebing, everyone goes swimming

The "abicher sautrogrennen" (sautro race) is the absolute high point of the two-day, 11. Lake festival. This opinion is shared not only by hundreds of spectators who follow the sporting competition as huge fun, this time bavarian television accompanies the sautrog teams every step of the way and in every competition. "We will do our best and win again", last year's winners alexander groh and michael mitschker are firmly convinced of this before the start of the competition. They have already won six times, four of them in a row…

The pros have a trophy, their team is called "abicher sautrog-rennfahrer", already taken home. Your toughest competitors are gunter stobel and helmut gunzelmann from the "unimaginative" table. "We will show it to the two younger ones today", of which the "old hares" are convincing. Before each race, they hang a bottle of beer and a photo of an attractive woman in a bikini on their juice trough as a special incentive.

A total of 16 teams are competing this time. Against the two firmly established teams, the only mixed team also wants to win: anita stobel and robert erk represent the parish council and start dressed as devils. Besides anita stobel, two female teams fight against the male dominance: marie bebler and susanne pflaum enter the race as team rockelein I, while antonia kern and caroline peetz form team rockelein II. The trainees of the kaspar rockelein company are extremely proud to represent the company colors.

The team "thefi com" wants to counteract this, reiner stumpf and otto schobert, as typists in old-fashioned suits and with briefcases, win not only for the company's honor. As the second mayor of rattelsdorf, otto schobert believes that local politics must also be represented. With these interests in mind, he makes it to the semifinals.

Another local politician, the mayor of gundelsheim, jonas merzbacher, will start the race with his french team colleague francois grignon. The team competes for the second time, but fails in the preliminary round.

Some of the sautrog racers had traveled very far to be able to take part in the huge party. From america came ben mariano, he entered the race with henrik derra, both wrapped in the star banner.
From the city of dohna in saxony came the teams dohna ost I and II. Remo schulz, who is a member of the team, is optimistic: "after the floods in june, we are the unrestricted water experts and we are considering "whether we should take along a suction trough for the next such emergency".

Professionally moderated by andreas eiermann and accompanied by the cheers of the spectators, the boats go to the starting line. Of course, everyone had only one goal – to win a trophy and prize money. Already at the start not every team succeeds in transporting the boats safely into the water. It is an effort for everyone to paddle 30 meters to the buoy and back using only their hands. The spectators commented enthusiastically on every run, overturned boats and the falls into the water caused a lot of amusement.

After an exciting final, alexander groh and michael mitschker are once again on the winner's podium. Their permanent rivals gunter stobel and helmut gunzelmann have to admit defeat once again. Helmut gunzelmann then throws the photo of the bikini beauty on the floor and grumbles that the women just can't be relied on. At the end, there is much applause as all the participants plunge into the waters of the lake.

The two-day lake festival is organized by the spielvereinigung germania ebing. Chairman bernhard zenk was very pleased with the huge success of the festival, in which many members got involved. Already on friday the running group of the 9th grade took place. Ebingen lake run held. 197 participants took part in this non-competitive race and crossed the finish line: participants from all age groups from kindergarten children to senior citizens. The guests also got their money's worth musically: the ebingen brass band and the "latterbocher blasmusik" played and "wednesday project and the "moskitos.

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