Arbitration board for airline passengers to come soon

Arbitration board for airline passengers to come soon

"We are striving to make this work for the next winter skiing season," justice minister sabine leutheusser-schnarrenberger (FDP) told the "passauer neue presse". The cabinet is expected to decide on the draft law this wednesday.

Despite years of pressure, the aviation industry has not yet joined the existing arbitration board for public passenger transport. Criticism from the greens.

In the event of delayed or canceled flights or problems with hand luggage, travelers must first contact the airline, said leutheusser-schnarrenberger. "If the airline refuses to pay compensation or fails to do so for at least 30 days, the passenger will in future have the right to appeal to the conciliation board."This will contact all parties involved and make a proposal for an agreement. "The dispute is usually settled quickly, without complications and generally free of charge."

The two major associations of german and foreign airlines had agreed to this model, said the minister. The majority of the member companies have recognized that an increase in customer satisfaction is in their own economic interest. Airlines that did not participate voluntarily could follow suit later on.

The tourism policy spokesman of the grunen faction, markus tressel, criticized that the solution has many hooks. "Business travelers will be excluded from the arbitration process. This will affect about 40 percent of air travelers." Even package travelers must continue to go through the courts. FDP consumer expert erik schweickert, on the other hand, spoke of a "milestone for the consumer".

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