An irreplaceable punisher

An irreplaceable punisher

The little ones at the evangelischer kindergarten wonsees hummed and almost floated across the meadow. They were dressed as sub bees and thus embodied what the daily staff had received a special award for: the decade of conservation award of the united nations.
The wonsees facility is one of the few in the region to have met the special requirements of a rigorous application process and brought the project to life.
Already at the already planted and newly designed entrance it becomes visible why the people from wonsee were chosen. A magnificent insect hotel offers plenty of space for wild bees, of which there are 570 species – still. It is home for this endangered species, without which human life would be hard to imagine.
The facility teaches children to appreciate nature. "We want to contribute to the protection of biodiversity. The wanderer who passes by also becomes aware", said kindergarten director elfriede schneider during the award ceremony. It is soothing for the soul "when hundreds of butterflies fly around next to the wild bees and the dove’s tail looks for food".

"Environmental protection concerns us all"

Thomas kohler, project manager and chairman of the "artenschutz in franken" association, called the mabnahme a visible sign to society to draw attention to biodiversity and environmental education. "Environmental protection concerns us all, so his credo.
The youngsters could follow the natural cycle, even put food plants in the ground and thus attract the wild bees, which "have already moved into almost all the rooms of the hotel" are. The "wild bees" project should familiarize future generations with the increasingly important topics of the environment and species conservation using the example of the irreplaceable pollinator "wild bee" achieve, kohler emphasized.
Dean martina beck pointed out the importance of god’s creation. Head of department elke wuthe from die KITA ggmbh was pleased about the realization of the idea.
And mayor andreas pohner was visibly enthusiastic: "i never dreamed that wonsees would get the attention of the united nations. We have gladly used our building yard and accompanied everything from the beginning". Praise also came from district administrator klaus peter sollner: "in wonsees, species protection is at home."
The fact that the project was launched is also thanks to the german postcode lottery. They supported it with 8500 euros. Representative sabine haebler came all the way from dusseldorf to get a first-hand impression. She was impressed: "we are a little proud to support the commitment of charitable organizations."
Fun games and creative stations about bees, a photo documentary and an exhibition about the kids’ bee activities were part of the afternoon’s activities. It was a very special summer party with an unusual prize in the spotlight.

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