“An important sign”

The young union has rejected the accusation that henry schramm (CSU) is abusing the corona crisis for election purposes. "This is not about election campaigning, but about supporting the people who save lives. It is a question of preparing kulmbach as well as possible for the coming times and giving our hospital the necessary political support for the current strain on the staff and the conversion of the departments", it says in a statement.

The district administrator and the mayor of oberburg took stock of the situation at the hospital and thanked the doctors, the nursing staff and all the members of the rescue organizations for their efforts. In the difficult times of corona, this is an important sign, says the JU. "Our mayor henry schramm and district administrator klaus peter sollner are fulfilling their responsibilities in an exemplary manner and showing their qualities as crisis managers in the current times. In addition to their political role, both are association chairmen of the kulmbach hospital and also accompany the task of the security department in their respective bodies as heads of department", continue.

The decisions to be made in the wake of the corona crisis and the associated responsibility of the county council and the mayor are enormous, and both deserve support for this.

"If the youth organization of the social democrats in kulmbach sees it differently and now tries to make an election campaign with the corona issue, then it is strange and regrettable at the same time. Anyone who believes that the election campaign is currently in the foreground has not understood the situation. Prudent action, solidarity and cohesion are required, along with continuous communication with the population – also via social media channels. So, let’s stick together", says amelie brehm from the young union kulmbach.

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