“A view almost like in the middle ages”

What only a few residents of hochstadt have been able to see so far, everyone who visits the "weinstube zum zwetschger" will be able to see in six weeks visit. Then reinhard grasse wants to have completed the renovation of his present hauptstrabe 1 next to the city tower. "A view almost like in the middle ages", the lovers of the historical building swarmed.

This is the view he has when he sits in the courtyard of his new home and looks out over the house, which was built in 1668. The old, but freshly painted half-timbering and the newly uncovered arcade are overlooked by the attached town tower. Those who drink their schnapps in the courtyard in the future can enjoy the ambience.

The grasse family breathes new life into the house where the riegler family (house name zwetschger) lived for decades. This is being done in coordination with the historic preservation authority. The entire property is under protection. It was only in the course of the renovation work that it became increasingly clear what treasure was hidden behind the plastered facade. "No one would have suspected that", says architect georg leyh, who is overseeing the extensive restoration of the old condition and who has also helped the cult pub topfla to a new splendor.

The old half-timbering was not the only thing that was uncovered on the property by the town tower. Inside, the old wood-beamed ceilings are coming back into their own. The floorboards were uncovered and sanded down, the walls were given a new clay plaster on a straw base, just as they once were.

"The house was one of the first in hochstadt after the three years war", suspects architect leyh. However, another building had previously stood on this site, says leyh, "because the cellar does not match the geometry of the house.

Retired dealer and builder reinhard grasse is enthusiastic about the old building. He did not want to talk about the amount of money that will be spent on the renovation. He is lucky that his son, a trained carpenter, is actively involved in all the woodworking. He spent seven years on the road and made friends along the way. The two are now skilled craftsmen and are keen to refurbish the listed building in hochstadt using old techniques.

From the very beginning, grasse’s goal was to set up a wine bar in the house and run it himself. For this purpose the first floor has been prepared. The tiles are laid, the kitchen will arrive next week.

Grasse’s son made the massive tables in the guest room from the old wood of a barn in the area. Georg schockel from sterpersdorf will decorate the guest room with a bordure, as used to be the case in french houses. Manfred welker, a local historian with a doctorate in history and a trained blacksmith, has already forged a cantilever that will be attached to the facade.

The upper floor is to become an apartment. A meeting and event room for private parties is being built under the roof. Grasse is confident that his offer will revitalize hochstadt: "i am already flooded with inquiries."

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