A traffic circle is to ensure safety in neunkirchen

A traffic circle is to ensure safety in neunkirchen

The market town council in neunkirchen voted unanimously to finance planning costs in the amount of 35.000 euros for the construction of a traffic circle to be included in the budget for the current year. The facility is to be built at the intersection of erlanger strabe (ST 2243)/henkerstegstrabe/zu den huwiesen.

For a long time now, the CSU faction has been advocating a traffic-safe upgrade of this neuralgic intersection, where accidents with injuries occur time and again. However, the construction costs for the traffic circle, including the associated planning, were likely to be around 525.000 euro total. For the necessary land acquisition of a total of 160 square meters of flat land, an additional 15 square meters of land were purchased.000 euros in costs. This would have been an investment that would have been very difficult for the people of neunkirchen to make without a state subsidy.

The free state is pushing?
For this reason, the town hall administration is now to negotiate with the bamberg state building authority, which would be affected as the road construction authority for state road 2243, about a possible contribution to the costs by the free state of bavaria.

In the fall, however, the authorities had strictly refused to share the costs. The neunkirchner administration wants to bring therefore now above all the power of the numbers in position. Police figures show that six drivers were injured at the intersection between 2010 and 2012.

There is also news on the ongoing issue of the "west bypass". There now after the advance of the SPD faction, which already on 27. In its motion of november, the group had called for an open debate on the conclusion of a planning approval procedure and on the awarding of planning services, but the possibility of a compromise may still open up.

Further support for the western bypass
On behalf of the union, martin walz then also held out the prospect of continuing to support the construction of a western bypass on the condition that the municipal share of the costs for the early planning be capped. A quick realization of the bypass to the west of neunkirchen had already emerged in the fall. At that time, the committee had before it a draft for an early planning approval procedure, on the basis of which an accelerated procedure would have been possible.

However, the planning costs for this variant were expected to be around 105 euros.000 euros in advance. However, for the CSU, uwg and grobenbucher list, this represented too great a cost risk. They therefore refused their approval. As a motivation for his motion, SPD faction spokesman andreas pfister once again emphasized the need for a bypass road, which would then make it possible to downgrade the state roads to local roads.

In this way, it was possible to regain planning authority over these streets and to press ahead with the urban redevelopment of a traffic-calmed town center. Mayor heinz richter (G) informed his councillors about a statement from the head of the department of public works, according to which eduard noth, a CSU member of the state parliament from forchheim, had lobbied in munich for an agreement on fixed costs for neunkirchen. Subsequently, richter's deputy karl germeroth (G) repeated his accusation from the october meeting after the defeat in the vote. The council's behavior has deprived neunkirchen of a great opportunity.

Friedrich ritter disagrees
Before that, the new neunkirchen local spokesman friedrich ritter had already spoken out against a possible western bypass. In this context, ritter was concerned about the protection of nature and the landscape. For him, ritter made it unmistakably clear, the future development of neunkirchen's town center would in no way depend on a bypass.

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